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The Marshmallow Animal Shelter was created to serve as a public resource for stray, abandoned, and rescued companion animals. Our shelter operates as the impound primarily for cats and dogs found within the city limits of Detroit Lakes but also assists the following cities when called upon: Audubon, Callaway, Frazee, Lake Park, Mahnomen, and Waubun.  In addition, we routinely take in animals from Becker County that are found outside of city limits, as they have no other place to go.  Please note that we do accept cats and dogs that are found outside the above areas but only when the agency responsible for them cannot accept them. Only a designated official can bring these animals to our shelter once approval has been received. Any questions about this should be directed to our office. 


This page features animals that have recently arrived at our shelter via animal control or private citizen.   If an animal is not claimed or the claiming process has not been completed within the timeframe mandated by State law, then the animal becomes the responsibility of the Marshmallow Animal Shelter.   If you recognize an animal on this page, please contact our office immediately at  (218) 847-9040 . Our shelter wants to reunite pets with their families as quickly as possible. However certain laws and rules require us to verify and/or collect certain pieces of information, documents, and fees before we are allowed to release a pet from our facility.

Please see below for information on what may be needed to claim an animal. We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during this process.

  1. Proof of ownership

  2. Proof of current rabies vaccination (must be veterinarian records; a tag does not prove animal is current).

  3. Proof of current City License (where applicable).  

  4. If we believe that a veterinary exam is needed to help determine the health and wellbeing of an animal,   The Marshmallow Animal Shelter reserves the right to have this exam done by a licensed veterinarian.  This fee will be added to the total fees due if/when animal is allowed to be claimed.  

  5. Payment of Fees in full - Please contact our office and we can provide you with the amount due as pre-determined by the fee schedule set by each area we cover. We accept Cash and Checks only.

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